The regular registration rate (P300) is extended 'til December 4, 2009.

The Ateneo registration area is now closed. The registration area in UP and CMDP, as well as the online registration, still remain open. [read more]

The routes have been changed. [read more]

There might be some changes if we do not meet the target number of registered runners. [read more]

Singlets are now available!
Check it out now!

Why Yes Run?

Yes Run for Your Health.
  • Health of your mind.
    In participating the Yes Run, you'll be meeting a different group of persons, the Deaf, and you will be discovering how they are able to participate in a run even when they can't hear. These activities keep your brain healthy according to the book Keep Your Brain Alive (Katz, 1999).
  • Health of your heart.
    Aside from the cardio-vascular exercise you get from the run, you will also be glad to know that you are able to contribute to a neglected group in our society, and that there are actually a lot of people contributing. Together, we are doing something.
  • Health of your soul.
    Yes running is being good to yourself and to a neglected group of people.
Yes Run to Meet Friends.
By Yes Running, you get to meet your friends. You will also meet new friends, and a couple of Deaf persons. You will get to learn how the Deaf participate in a run race.
Yes Run to Heal.
By Yes Running you add healing time (psychotherapy treatment sessions) to the Deaf survivors of sexual and physical abuse. PDI Article
Yes Run to Prevent Abuse.
By Yes Running you help promote awareness among Deaf children and youth, and their respective families, on how to protect themselves through the Personal Safety Class and Young Adult Health Education.
Yes Run to Send Deaf Children to School.
Your registration fee for the run is a quarter of the monthly allowance given to Deaf children so they can go to school and change their lives. The more registered yes runners there are, the more Deaf children can go to school, and the longer they stay in school. PDI Article

Yes Running enables these Deaf children and youth and some more to go to school.

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